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1 What are the minimum system requirements to run WebPortfolio?

The recommended system requirements are an Intel Pentium or AMD based computer with 128 MB RAM and an internet connection of 56K or faster, running Windows 2003/2000/ME/XP/XP Professional.   The screen size should be set to 800 x 600 or higher at 16 bit or better color. Currently this application is not supported running on a Macintosh.

 2 What browser is required to run WebPortfolio?

 Accepted browsers are Internet Explorer v5.5 and higher or Netscape v4.78, 4.79, 6.0, and 7.x.  AOL users should be using version 5.0 or better.


Due to browser limitations, Netscape 6.1, 6.2, and WebTV are currently not supported.

 3 What is the Java plug-in, and why do I need it to run WebPortfolio?

WebPortfolio is a Java applet, and in order to ensure a common user experience across all versions of browsers, the applet has been designed to run using the Sun Java 2 plug-in.  The applet will automatically detect if your system has this plug-in installed, and if not, will walk you through the download and installation process.

 4 How long should it take to download and install the WebPortfolio Java plug-in?

The first time you log into WebPortfolio, you will be required to download the Java plug-in and applet components.   


Although download times are dependent upon your Internet connection speed, the following approximate download times can be used as a guideline:


DSL, High Speed Cable or T-1 connection: 1-2 minutes
56 Kbps dialup connection: 12-14 minutes
28.8 Kbps dialup connection: 23-30 minutes



Note: AOL users may experience longer than typical download speeds. 


This is a one-time download and will not need to be repeated. Downloading the remaining components and initial set-up should take an additional 15-25 minutes. 

 5 Why do I have to provide my e-mail address?

It may be necessary to contact you regarding account status and other service related communications. In no event will you be sent unsolicited mail using any of the disclosed personal information, except for administrative purposes relating to your WebPortfolio account.  For further information please review the Privacy Statement (found by clicking the "i" icon in the lower right of WebPortfolio).


       General Questions


 1 Does WebPortfolio recommend any stocks or mutual funds?

No. Your advisor makes recommendations.

 2 Can I trade stocks from within WebPortfolio?

WebPortfolio does not handle security trades directly. If you wish to trade a security, links are provided within WebPortfolio to access the financial institution where you hold the security.

 3 Is the market information updated automatically?

The latest market information is provided at the time you log into your WebPortfolio account.   A  manual update can be done at any time by pressing the update button on the bottom of WebPortfolio (shown below), then choosing "get latest security prices," and clicking OK.

 4 Does WebPortfolio gather and track cost basis?

WebPortfolio will show the cost basis if you have provided it to Blunck Financial and asked that Blunck Financial enter the information.  Similarly, WebPortfolio will only show adjusted cost basis if that information is provided by you to Blunck Fiinancial.

 5 What is the basic structure of WebPortfolio?

WebPortfolio is designed with a hierarchy of management, from your Advisor down to the individual holding transactions.  The basic structure can be thought of in this way:


Nancy Blunck as Advisor:  
    Investor an individual investor client or individual household
          Portfolio an Investor can have any number of portfolios
             Accounts a Portfolio can have any number of financial accounts
                   Holdings an Account can have any number of holdings
                        Transactions a Holding can have any number of transactions

 6 What is an Advisor? How do I add one?

A WebPortfolio Advisor account is used to setup and manage a group of investor clients.  The Advisor accounts are created by the actual advisor from an authorized location on the web site from which the service is being accessed.

 7 What is an Investor? How do I add one?

A WebPortfolio Investor account is used to setup and manage a specific client's financial information.  This account must be setup from within WebPortfolio Advisor, and is done by clicking the File dropdown menu, and selecting New Client... from the list of choices.

 8 What is a Portfolio? How do I add one?

A Portfolio is a collection of accounts.  Typically a Portfolio reflects a particular investment goal, such as Retirement, College Education, or Vacation Home.   You can create a new Portfolio in the Setup Wizard or by selecting 'new portfolio' in the Setup Editor. Online help is also available by selecting the question mark icon at the bottom of WebPortfolio.

 9 What is "My Portfolio?"

WebPortfolio creates this as a default portfolio for you when you first log in.  You can rename or delete it, and add or delete accounts that are in it.

 10 What is an Account? How do I add one?

An Account is a collection of holdings that has a one-to-one correspondence with an account maintained at a financial institution.  Multiple accounts within the same Financial Institution must be added separately. To add a new account to a Portfolio, select 'new account' during setup. Online help is available by selecting the question mark icon at the bottom of WebPortfolio.

 11 What is a Holding? How do I add one?

A Holding is an individual security within your Account at the Financial Institution. These securities can include a mutual fund, stock, or cash. These are added automatically when the Account is updated online. If the holding can not be accessed online the information can be manually entered. To add a holding to an Account, select 'new holding' during setup. Online help is available by selecting the question mark icon at the bottom of WebPortfolio.

 12 I have two (or more) securities in an account. Can I place them in different Portfolios?

Accounts are placed within portfolios, so all the holdings in a given account currently must reside in the same portfolio.

 13 Can I change the size of the WebPortfolio display?

WebPortfolio is optimized for the design of the web site hosting the service, and its size cannot be changed.

 14 How can I change the size of the various components and views (tables, fonts) of WebPortfolio?

The tables in each of the Worth Watch, Allocation, Risk & Return, and Transactions views may be expanded both vertically and horizontally by clicking on the arrows in the top right and bottom right corners of the tables (bottom right only for Transactions).  Larger fonts are automatically used when the tables are expanded vertically.

 15 How do I get back to WebPortfolio after reading help, submitting feedback, or following one of the links at the bottom of the screen?

When you do any of these things, WebPortfolio opens a new browser window on top of the window in which WebPortfolio is running. Simply close this new window -- either press the "X" in the top right hand corner, or pick "Close" from the File menu (Netscape users, be careful not to pick "Exit", which closes all windows).

       WebPortfolio Features


1 What kind of reporting capabilities does WebPortfolio have, and how do I run reports?

From within WebPortfolio Investor, you can print a variety of reports, including:

  • Asset Allocation Composite

  • Asset Allocation Detail

  • Change in Investment Value

  • Net Worth Allocation

  • Net Worth Detail

  • Portfolio Holding Appraisal

  • Risk & Return

  • Summary

  • Transactions

Most reports can be run at various levels (portfolio, account, or holding), over user-defined time periods, and can optionally include previously archived information.

To run reports in WebPortfolio Investor, press the small printer icon (shown below) found in the lower right bar of WebPortfolio.  This allows you to view, print, and save reports.

2 What are Alerts, and how do I set them up?

WebPortfolio provides for email alert notifications at both the Advisor and Investor level.  The types of alerts that can be configured include:

  • Exposure

  • Performance

  • Security Prices

  • Tranactions

  • Account Status

In WebPortfolio Advisor (Nancy Blunck), the alerts are configured by clicking "alert sets", then File, New Alert Set...to create a new set of alerts to be applied across all clients.


In WebPortfolio Investor (you), click Setup, then alerts to configure alerts specifically for the given client. Note: Setup first needs to be enabled by your Advisor.

 3 Does WebPortfolio generate intra-day e-mail alerts?

Not at this time. This is being considered for a future release of WebPortfolio. Email alerts are generated based upon data available at market close.

 4 Is it possible to specify multiple email addresses for Alerts?

Yes. You can provide up to 5 different email address for email alerts.

 5 I don't see my Financial institution. How do I add it?

In the setup / portfolios section of WebPortfolio:


  • Choose  

  • Choose

  • Check the option  and choose next. Follow the instructions displayed.


New financial institutions are enabled through your advisor, and you will be notified when the institution you requested is available.

 6 How is return information calculated in WebPortfolio?

WebPortfolio uses a Modified Dietz formula for calculating return information.  Click here for the specifics of how this calculation is performed.




 1 I lost or forgot my password. What do I do?

You can either click the "Forgot your password?" link at the login screen, which will send the password hint that you provided during your initial setup to you by email, or you can contact Technical Support.

 2 How many tries do I have to logon?

Five. Your account will be disabled after this and you will have to contact Technical Support in order to reset your account.

 3 What are the requirements for my password?

   Your password:

  • Must be 6 characters or longer

  • Cannot be a single repeated character

  • Cannot be all letters or all numbers

  • Can include symbols and spaces

For optimal security your password should be 12 characters or longer and should contain a combination of different types of characters.  You should also choose a password that is not easy to guess, such as an address, birth date, etc.

 4 How secure is my information?

Please review the Security and Privacy policies found by clicking the  icon in the lower right corner of WebPortfolio.

       Known Issues


 1 The applet download appears to "hang" during download. What has happened?

During the applet download you will see a message "Loading Java Applet .". At the start of the download process, the browser will present a query window asking for approval to accept the security certificate. The download will not continue until a response is provided by you.


Occasionally this window will get hidden behind the browser window. By holding down the Alt key and pressing Tab, a window will popup showing the active applications.  Look for an icon with a steaming cup of coffee (shown below) and the title "Java Plug In Security Warning". Continue to hold the Alt key and Tab over until this icon is highlighted.  


This security certificate allows you to verify the authenticity of the site you are visiting,and to communicate with it securely.

2 WebPortfolio changes color unexpectedly. How can I fix this?

Your screen resolution may not be set to the correct color display configuration. Try setting the color to a setting higher than 256 colors (8 bit).

3 When I use the scroll bars at the side and bottom of the application, the screen jumps or does not redraw properly.

This is due to the available screen area for the application, and is usually only experienced if scrolling is required to view components of the applet.  You can maximize the window containing the browser to help minimize the amount of scrolling.  

4 I receive a "browser not supported" error message when I try to log into WebPortfolio.

The usual cause for this message is either that you are using an older version of your Internet browser and need to upgrade, or you are using Netscape browser versions 6.1 or 6.2. 


Due to a problem inherent with Netscape 6.1 and 6.2, these two versions of the browser are not currently supported. 


5 I am attempting to print reports in WebPortfolio and am missing the shaded page and section headings.

If you print WebPortfolio reports from Internet Explorer, you will need to change a setting in your browser so that they print background page and section .


1. From the Tools menu, select Internet Options


2. Select the Advanced tab


3. Scroll down approximately three quarters of the way down the box and check the Print background colors and images checkbox (shown below).


4. Click Apply and then OK.


       Help & Feedback


 1 Where can I find more information on WebPortfolio?

Click the  button located in the top right corner of WebPortfolio for both context sensitive and general help.

 2 How do I report problems I am experiencing with WebPortfolio?

Click here to contact technical support.