Turnagain Arm - Midnight in June

Troubleshooting Tips

How do I change my screen resolution so I can see
more information on the screen without scrolling?

  • Right-click on your desktop
  • Choose Properties
  • Click the Settings tab
  • In the Screen resolution section, move the slider
    to the desired resolution
  • Screen resolution must be at least 800 x 600,
    but you will see more if you use 1024 x 768.
  • Click OK

I am unable to access WebPortfolio from my computer.
In order to view your site, you must have:

What browser is required to run WebPortfolio?
Accepted browsers are Internet Explorer v5.5 and higher or Netscape v4.78, 4.79, 6.0, and 7.x.  AOL users should be using version 5.0 or better.

Due to browser limitations, Netscape 6.1, 6.2, and WebTV are currently not supported.

How do I find out what version of Microsoft Internet Explorer is loaded on my computer?
Open Internet Explorer, select Help >About Internet Explorer. Under “Version” it should say 5.50 or later. Under “Update Versions”, it should say “SP2”

How do I get Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5?
You can download Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 from the Microsoft Web site.

How do I get AOL Version 7.0?
You can download AOL Version 7.0 from the AOL Web site.

I am unable to open .PDF files on my computer?
In order to open .PDF files, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download this free viewer by first clicking on the Resources tab, then clicking on the Adobe Acrobat Reader under Download Free Viewers in the right hand side bar.