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What is WebPortfolio?

What is WebPortfolio?

WebPortfolio is a replacement for WealthLine, but is easier to use, and does a better job of updating your accounts on a daily basis (not that I encourage you to look that often). It includes many useful features that we will show you once you are up and running. WebPortfolio is VeriSign secured.

What can you see in WebPortfolio?

Your Net Worth -- Shows both investment net worth and use asset net worth.

Your Asset Allocation -- Shows asset allocation by account, and for all combined accounts. Includes breakdown by asset class and by sub-asset class.

Your Risk and Return -- Compares risk against return. Compares investment returns against market indexes that are appropriate to each investment. Note: return numbers only show after your accounts have been online for three months.

Print reports and graphs -- Print reports for asset allocation composite; asset allocation detail, change in investment value, net worth allocation; net worth detail; appraisal; risk & return; summary.

Market Watch -- Shows graphs of 12 different market indexes updated every 20+ minutes. This section lists your investments, showing price changes throughout the day, and closing prices at the end of the day.

Plus more....