Prince William Sound

Flo Smoot, Accountant

Flo brings with her over 20 years of accounting experience for a variety of businesses and individuals.

• Office Manager and Para-professional for 10 years in the CPA practice of Newhouse & Vogler, CPAs
• Accounting experience encompasses corporate, partnership and sole proprietorships as well as all areas of payroll preparation and reporting
• 15 years experience in tax preparation for individuals, corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships.


Does Blunck Financial prepare income tax returns?

No. We do not prepare income tax returns, but we prepare good cost basis reports for those who do! Accountants like our reports. They are timely, accurate and complete.

Initially we manually enter the historical cost basis information into our Advent software systems. Several useful reports are then available throughout the year for tax planning.

In early February of each year, we mail Final Cost Basis Reports (which have been reconciled to the Form 1099s received by brokerage firms).

Click here for Sample Cost Basis Report