Prince William Sound

Nancy Blunck, MS, CFP™

Nancy Blunck obtained her license as a Certified Financial Planner® in 1985. She is a member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA). In 1997, she helped co-found Aegis Group, a network of independent financial planning and investment management firms throughout the U.S., all fee-only, whose purpose is to enhance each other’s professional skills through sharing of knowledge, expertise and resources in a non-competitive, confidential and supportive environment. Currently the combined Aegis members manage over $2 billion.

Background:: Nancy Blunck has worked in the planning field in Alaska for 43 years. She began her business in financial planning and investing in 1983. Nancy Blunck owns BLUNCK FINANCIAL, a registered investment advisory and financial planning firm. Prior to financial planning, Nancy worked for twelve years in public policy planning (at the local, state and federal levels).

Qualifications and Professional Involvement:

  • May 2011 Presented ‘Retirement Planning’ to National Association of Women Judges.
  • May 2010, April 2008, May 2003 and May 2000: Presented “Retirement Planning and the Judicial Retirement System” to State of Alaska justices and judges.
  • October 2009 and October 2008: Presented “Using Your State Benefits to Optimize Retirement’ to State of Alaska Magistrates, Parts I and 2.
  • August 2008 through the present:  Appointed to the University of Alaska Foundation Investment Committee.
  • 2007 through June 2011: One of four public members appointed to six-member Board of Trustees of the Alaska Permanent Fund.  Size of fund $40 billion April 2011.  Chaired Governance Committee though Board adoption of broad-based Governance Policy May 2010.
  • Master of Science Degree in Financial Planning: 1995.  Certified Financial Planner® designation (CFP®): 1985.   Bachelor of Science Degree, Iowa State University, 1971.
  • Qualified as an expert witness before the Superior Court in Alaska, Third Judicial District.
  • Successfully completed all four academic study sections of the Certified Commercial Investment (CCIM) curriculum.  Analysis of commercial and investment real estate. 
  • Arbitrator (Alaska Bar Association, Third Judicial District).  Settled fee disputes between attorneys and their clients. Completed 11 arbitrations.
  • Discipline Hearing Committee (Alaska Bar Association, Third Judicial District).  Heard cases and made recommendations concerning violations of ethics and professional standards for attorneys.
  • Presented Judicial Retirement System Basic Training to new State of Alaska judges, February 2008.
  • Presented “Retirement Planning” to the National Association of Women Judges, April 1996. 
  • Co-presented “Serving as an Expert Witness” to national conference of Certified Financial Planners, July 1993, Yale University.
  • Software beta test site for the following companies: Hewlett Packard, Ibbotson Associates, Money Tree Software, Morningstar, and ADVENT Software.
  • website selected by Morningstar as one of two firms (the other being CNN Money) to be highlighted in their 2004 Annual Survey of financial service firms using Morningstar tools.
  • Quoted in Wall Street Journal  “Cracks in the Nest Egg”, a look at the mistakes investors make with their retirement saving.  October 22, 2001. 
  • Quoted in Journal of Financial Planning “Keeping Clients in the Fold”.  July 2001. 
  • Quoted in Journal of Financial Planning “How Did You Respond to Clients during the Recent Stock Market Drop?”   December 1997.
  • Instructor on pensions and divorce for the Alaska Bar Association.

Family: Nancy is married to John Lohff, semi-retired State of Alaska District Court Judge. Adult daughter, physics at the University of Montana. Nancy enjoys computers, reading, puttering around the house, helping people accomplish goals, and people with a sense of humor. Interests include design, landscaping/gardening, science, walking, and their golden retriever.

 Rev: 2-1-14

Blunck Financial embraces technology. 
(Yes, Nancy really does have
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Nancy is a Certified Financial Planner® licensee.