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Our Tool Kit

We are committed to using 'best of breed' technology to serve clients.

1.  Risk Assessment - FinaMetrica   The best risk assessment tool Nancy has seen in 21 years of business.
2. Financial Planning - MoneyGuidePro  Sophsticated (and user friendly) financial planning software based on goals, not on detailed budget info.
Online collaboration allows you to play around with your own information from your home or office computer -- with Nancy on the phone looking at the same information on her computer, or by yourself over the weekend.
3.  Advsior Intelligence - Fundamental reserach on mutual funds.
4. Morningstar Investment Research - More tools to evaluate investments.
5.  Portfolio Management and Reporting
Advent Axys for portfolio management, tax lot accounting, and reporting.
6. Web Site - We developed a 'level three' client-centered web site as defined by David Yeske, CFP, the 2003 National President of the Financial Planning Association.
Web Designer and Programmer: Jeff Borland of Portland, Maine. Go Jeff!
7. View all your accounts online in one place -- through Web Portfolio. 
It can get old (and slow) logginig in to different web sites to get all your account balances.
Now you can track all your accounts in one place through our web site.
8. Client Relationship Management - Junxure is our client relationship management software.
This is where we assign and track To Do's for ourselves (and for clients).

9. Digitial scanning and storage of our (and your) papers - Using DocSTAR. we easily scan, then find, the one document we are looking for. Right away. Several people can access a file folder at one time.
We have scanned over 100,000 images so far (that's more than 46 banker boxes). It was a big deal to convert to digital images. We are glad we did.














A major reason we use technology is to have more time for the human side of financial planning.