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Asset Management — a key part of our relationship with you.

What we do:

  • We recommend well diversified portfolios
  • We use multiple managers and investment styles
  • We take taxes into consideration for tax efficiency
  • We help you figure out (and set up) the cash flows you need in retirement.
  • We pay attention to annual expense ratios on the funds we use (because the savings goes into your pocket)
  • We monitor your portfolio, re-balancing as needed, and maintain the appropriate level of investment risk
  • Typically we use discount brokerage accounts to reduce your fees and commissions (i.e. Charles Schwab and TD Waterhouse)
  • We download your account information daily, then post it securely on our website so you see how all your accounts are doing at one place (through Web Portfolio).
  • You are not required to do set up new accounts with any particular brokerage firm. As long as we get timely information on your accounts we can work with you. (Typically we access client accounts online and get monthly hard copy statements mailed monthly).

       What we don't do:

  • We don't trade frequently or to try to chase the latest hot investment
  • We do not believe in timing and tend to believe that investors are better off in the long-term keeping their expenses as low as possible and not trying to outsmart the market by trying to pick individual securities that some believe are 'certain' to outperform the market.