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Fundamentals of Financial Planning -
This online course was developed for consumers by Florida State University. Covers cash management, tax planning, insurance, investment planning, retirement planning, and estate planning. Includes tutorials, worksheets, and quizzes; this is a complete introductory course and well worth your investment in time.'s "Safe & SoundSM" ratings -
Safe & SoundSM is's proprietary, analytical product that assesses the financial condition of banks, thrifts and credit unions. If you're about to put money in a CD with a too-good-to-be-true interest rate and you're getting a little nervous, use this tool to check out the bank's financial strength.
Crash Course in Wills & Trusts - Michael T. Palermo has put together this excellent introduction to basic estate planning. Topics include: the probate process, trust basics, comparing living trusts and wills, and specialized trust and estate planning tools. This site serves equally well as a good first introduction or a refresher course.
Introduction to Investments 
by Prof. William Goetzmann

This excellent online textbook covers all of the key elements of Modern Portfolio Theory and represents a first-class introduction to the subject for anyone who aspires to a deeper understanding of this important topic.
Fund news, commentary, graphs, and "Quicktake Fund Reports" that are more complete than their name would suggest. The news, commentary, and analysis are surprisingly good considering this site is still free.
Bill Sharpe's Home Page
One of the fathers of Modern Portfolio Theory, Dr. William Sharpe of Stanford offers an online investment text, library of articles, data, and calculators. Note: the calculators, written in Javascript, work only on Netscape Navigator 3.0 or MS Internet Explorer 4.0.
Virtual Finance Library
This is a fantastic collection of links to sites devoted to finance and economics. The site, maintained by Ohio State University, is organized into categories for investors, researchers, educators, and students.  The best link collection on the net for finance and economics.