Sunset over Anchorage

What's the view on your (financial) horizon?


How are you doing meeting your financial goals?

Do you even know?

If you are close to retirement, or wondering if you are doing the right things to get closer to retirement, you and Blunck Financial might just be a good fit.  Put 26 years of experience to work for you. Our knowledge and common sense in financial planning and asset management can make the difference.


"When your values are clear

your decisions are easier."

-- Roy Disney


Who can benefit most from our services?

We believe that financial planning requires a commitment by the client -- a commitment to provide complete information, to learn new concepts, to examine choices in light of your own goals, and even to change behavior in saving, spending and investing patterns. This is a far cry from taking up a hobby, or chasing the most recently touted investment product.

Another way to describe financial planning is as a dialogue, one between your financial planner and you. In it, you are not just a spectator. However, the end result of your efforts is a long-term financial plan that is realistic and fits your particular situation.

If you are willing to make the commitment and join in the dialogue, then you can indeed benefit from our services.