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Schedule of Fees

For the asset management service, you pay a quarterly fee based on the total asset value under management at the end of each quarter. [See chart below.] If your account is managed for only a portion of the quarter, then the fee is prorated. Fees are debited directly from your brokerage account and a quarterly invoice is sent that shows the fee and how it was computed. Fees are paid quarterly in advance.


  Annual Rate
Up to $2,000,000 .8%
On the balance above $2,000,000 .6%
Minimum Account Size $250,000

For the financial planning service, you pay an hourly rate. The current rate is $155 an hour. The initial interview is at no charge or obligation – this first meeting lasts about a half hour.

For ongoing hourly financial planning, fees are billed monthly and due within 30 days. New financial planning clients make an initial deposit of $1,085 retainer before work begins. At your request, this is refunded if not earned within six months. Each of us has the right to terminate the relationship at any time.


How much money do you need to start a financial program with us?

The asset management service is comprehensive and ongoing. The minimum account size is $250,000. Family accounts may be combined to meet the minimum account size.

The financial planning service is based on an hourly fee, with follow-up as requested by the client. The current hourly rate is $155/hour. Please note that investment advice is not provided on an hourly basis.