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Financial Planning

Based on your personal goals and objectives, and supported by information regarding your assets & liabilities, income & expenses, and special needs, we work together to prepare a plan.

Next, we assist you to implement our recommendations, which may include such things as

  • Changing your 401(k) plan investments
  • Adopting retirement plans or other tax-saving strategies
  • Modifying/drafting a living trust, will, or other estate document
  • Guidance on the transition to retirement
  • In helping you to implement recommendations, we work directly with your accountant, attorney, or insurance agent as needed.

    In addition to providing regular updates of your net worth and tracking your progress toward retirement, we are available o answer other financial questions that come up (examples include: refinancing mortgages, college funding, reasonable spending withdrawal rates in retirement, and identifying specific tax lots to sell for tax planning transactions).

Asset Management

We also work with you to build an appropriate investment portfolio for all of your long-term savings and investments. This service includes:

Asset Allocation
Choosing the most efficient mix of foreign and domestic stocks and bonds.

Investment Selection
Selection of investments with which to implement the asset allocation strategy.

Monitoring and Reporting
While you will get regular monthly account statements from the firm that holds your account (typically Schwab Institutional but not limited to that), we also provide you with detailed portfolio reports.

Over time, your portfolio's allocation to different kinds of stocks and bonds will naturally drift away from its targets, requiring us to make adjustments in order to keep your investment plan on track.