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Does This Sound Like You?

• Can we afford to retire?

• We try to keep up with everything, but some days we have a nagging feeling that we’re neglecting something important.

• We have been saving and investing for quite a while, but don’t know where we really stand.

• Should we pay off our mortgage?

• How much can I spend each year without the worry of running out of money?

• Are there ways to simplify my finances?

•We are looking to retire soon and are faced with numerous decisions. Can you help?

• My investments are spread all over. I get all the statements yet don’t feel in control. It seems I should be doing something more.

These are typical questions our clients ask and we answer. They are natural questions at any time, but especially after the last three years of bad markets. Taking steps to find answers is crucial, and the answers must be based on solid financial knowledge and experience.

The answers are only fully meaningful to you, however, if they also are based on your personal financial and life goals.

The process of helping you answer important questions and achieve your goals is what we do at Blunck Financial.